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How to Manage Polarity in MPO System?

Date Submission: October 21, 2016 By Aria

To keep pace with system bandwidth needs and provide higher connectivity density within the limited pathway and space, building and data center backbones are migrating to fibers with higher cable counts. Hence, network technicians are starting to use MPO trunk cables for duplex fiber transmission...

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How to Choose Between Single-mode and Multimode Patch Cords

Date Submission: October 15, 2016 By Aria

Data centers and large server farms nowadays are more inclined to adopt fiber patch cords, for the purpose of achieving more reliable and higher speed connectivity between switches and devices. Known as jumper cables, fiber patch cords are usually terminated with optical connectors at each end of...

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Cabling Solution for 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ Transceiver

Date Submission: October 7, 2016 By Aria

It is known that according to the standard, MPO connector is required by the 40GBASE-SR4 transceiver. And when connecting a QSFP+ to QSFP+, 12-fiber MTP trunk cable is usually adopted. In the 40GBASE-SR transmission, eight fibers are associated with the channel—four fibers for the TX signal...

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MPO Technology – Cost-effective Solution for 40 Gigabit Ethernet Cabling

Date Submission: September 28, 2016 By Aria

With innovative multifiber connectors, MPO technology paves the way for setting up high-performance data networks in data centers, which also helps to satisfy the need for greater bandwidth and other future requirements. Moreover, MPO technology makes scaling and migration to 40/100G network easi...

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Fiber Patch Cable Selection Guide for 40G QSFP+ Transceivers

Date Submission: September 21, 2016 By Aria

Upgrading the existing system to 40G network can be a tough and complicated task since there are considerable amount of factors to plan and design. Whether the switches are capable of supporting such a high speed Ethernet? What kind of optical transceiver works best on the switches? Which op...

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No More Worries for Cable Bending

Date Submission: September 14, 2016 By Orenda

Under general conditions, fiber patch cables are not allowed to be bent beyond bend radius in case of light leaking. However, when installing cables at high-density environments, cable bending is hard to avoid. In order to solve the problem, bend insensitive fiber patch cable is designed to cause...

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Basics of Mode Conditioning Patch Cable

Date Submission: September 9, 2016 By Aria

The 802.3z standard (IEEE) for Gigabit Ethernet over optical fiber was released to satisfy the demand for higher bandwidth. While 1000BASE-LX transceiver modules can only operate over single-mode fibers. Then what if the transceiver must be employed over both single-mode and multimode f...

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Fiber Jumper Endface Inspection and Cleaning Methods

Date Submission: August 30, 2016 By Aria

Fiber optic communications have not only eliminated the vast majority of previous network limitations, but also expanded the capabilities of networks beyond expectations. Fiber jumper, known as fiber patch cable as well, serves as an indispensable component in data transmission. So it is critical...

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Upgrading Your Network With OM3/OM4 Patch Cable

Date Submission: August 24, 2016 By

As the demand for higher speed, reliability, manageability and flexibility of the network never ends, it is high time to upgrade your existing infrastructure in data centers. Therefore, more attention should be attached to fiber patch cable—one of the most vital components to ensure sound n...

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How to Choose Fiber Patch Cable for Your Transceiver?

Date Submission: August 18, 2016 By Aria

It is generally accepted that fiber patch cable nowadays has captured a major and dominate place in the telecommunication industry. It offers a more appropriate way to transmit signal with higher performance and reliability. Fiber patch cable, together with optical transceiver, are claimed to be ...

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